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Clean your Salesforce from Duplicates!

Find them. Merge them. Using Duplicate Check for Salesforce.

Duplicate Check for Salesforce1

Find, prevent and merge duplicate records. Duplicate Check for Salesforce1 is highly customizable and able to perform fully automated deduplication jobs - have a report ready at any chosen moment. Fuzzy Matching even finds duplicates that are slightly different because of misspellings, typos and different formatting. Work with a duplicate free Salesforce organization, quickly and easily!

No Transfer of Your Customer Data

Duplicate Check for Salesforce is a 100% native force.com application. Therefore, data transfer is not needed to provide a secure and reliable deduplication tool for your Salesforce database!

Fuzzy Matching

Duplicates with spelling errors or purposely changed by users are found with our Fuzzy algorithms keeping your database even cleaner, duplicate and fraud free.  

Complete Deduplication

The multiple batch features allow you to clean up your existing duplicates while sitting back in your chair. The duplicate prevention keeps duplicates out of your Salesforce organization. 

Our Features

Duplicate Prevention

Whenever you create or update an Account, Contact or Lead in Salesforce Duplicate Check for Salesforce will look for duplicates. If any duplicate is found you are prohibited of saving this record.

Mass Deduplication

The Mass Deduplicaion functions allows you to find already extisting duplicates within your Salesforce data.

Auto Merge

The Auto Merge function allows you to merge duplicates without any user intervention.


The advanced matching techology will find duplicates based on fuzzy comparison methods, allowing you to find more duplicate records as spelling error, typing mistakes or different formatting are taken into account.

Cross Object

The Cross Object matching allows you to find duplicates between objects. These duplicates between objects are then found whenever you use any of the Duplicate Check for Salesforce features.

Audit Logging

With audit logging you gain the ability to track all actions performed by your users as well as all action performed automatically by Duplicate Check for Salesforce.

Custom Object

Support for custom objects to make sure duplicates are prevented and deleted from you custom objects

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